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WIKIPEDIA: What is Data Journalism?

Data journalism is a journalism specialty reflecting the increased role that numerical data is used in the production and distribution of information in the digital era. It reflects the increased interaction between content producers (journalist) and several other fields such as design, computer science and statistics. From the point of view of journalists, it represents "an overlapping set of competencies drawn from disparate fields". Data journalism has been widely used to unite several concepts and link them to journalism. Some see these as levels or stages leading from the simpler to the more complex uses of new technologies in the journalistic process. Designers are not always part of the process. According to author and data journalism trainer Henk van Ess, "Datajournalism can be based on any data that has to be processed first with tools before a relevant story is possible. It doesn't include visualisation per se".


The Contributors

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Data Scientist

He studied Economics, Statistics and Financial Economics. Now he is doing a PhD as a Data scientist. Prior to the PhD position, Morry was working in industry on the implementation of machine learning tools for social media and video analysis.
He can program in all programming platforms.

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Political Data Scientist

He studied Civil Engineering, and Philosophy of Science and Technology. Currently working as a Research Associate in Political Data Science. Loves thinking, writing and creating models about the world, as well as the digitalization of our society.

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